The firm Cotinone is made up of a total surface of approx. 22 hectares planted with vines exposed to South-South East. This condition is particularly suitable for the cultivation of white berry grapes. Our vineyards grow on clay land and undergo the benefits of a mild and always windy microclimate, an ideal location which assure the high quality of our grapes.

Location e Info

The Puglia and the Gargano

Our vineyards grow on the slopes of the Gargano in Puglia, on predominantly clayey soils, undergoing the benefits of the mild and ventilated microclimate of the Alto Tavoliere.

Nature has given Puglia, in particular to this area, the most generous conditions for the granting of exclusive characteristics to the products of the earth.

Vineyard surface
22 ha
Soil composition
Grape variety
Semillon, traminer, Vermentino and Chardonnay
South - South / East


The lands of Cotinone Vigneti rise to an altitude between about 170 meters and 200 meters above sea level in the countryside of San Severo with its exceptional microclimate. The perfect combination of the three elements: earth, climate and passion, allow the Cotinone Company to produce structured wines, with an intense aroma and a warm taste.


Here climate and land positively merge in order to give excellent results in a natural way. Another important peculiarity of this land comes from the climatic influence of the sea (about 20 kms away), which allows accumulation of aromas and a singularity in the organoleptic features of the final products.


Daunia starts from the extreme north of Puglia and extends towards the south, between the Gargano Promontory and the Sub Appennino. An enchanting area to be discovered, which is the setting for interesting natural, religious and historical places: the Tremiti archipelago, San Giovanni Rotondo, Peschici, Monte Sant’Angelo and Vieste, Lucera, Troia.

Where we are

San Severo

On the slopes of the Gargano, gathered between the sub-Appennino Dauno and the gentle hills that descend slowly to the board, there is a place where history and geography intertwine, giving life to an idyllic experience.

It is the small town of San Severo, a rustic location, where everything seems to stand still when our grandparents still tell of ancient traditions. The countryside has always been the center of everyday life, and the art of looking after it and cultivating it to enhance their most typical products is handed down from generation to generation.

In a fascinating symphony of colors, from the yellow of the wheat to the silvery green of the olive trees, we find the infinite nuances of the vineyards; San Severo sums up the charm of an eternal place in its streets and in its architecture.

Via Legnano, 12 San Severo (FG) - ITALY

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