The Firm

Cotinone’s vineyards are located in the North-East of San Severo, in the province of Foggia. It is situated in the middle of the wide Tavoliere delle Puglie, with the calcareous Gargano Promontory on one side and the Daunian Pre-Apennines mountain chain on the other side. San Severo is historically gifted for the winegrowing, on the production and the commercialization point of view. Nature gave to the region of Puglia and to this area in particular, the best conditions in order to provide the produce of the soil with unique features.


The firm is the result of a synergy of three different generations, with its origins in the tradition but always projected into the future. It is based on 22 hectares of vineyards mostly planted with white berry Semillon, traminer, vermentino and chardonnay grapes.


From these last ones come the grapes that, selected with particular care together with the use of advanced enological technologies, give life to a wine that stands out for its fine taste-olfactory qualities.

Puglia and the Cotinone vineyards

Selected grapes give birth to a wine with evident qualities in flavor and smell.

Cotinone Vineyards brochure

Territorial Identity

The Cotinone brand

The power of our brand comes from the full identification with the surrounding territory. The 5 stylized roads of our logo represent the street junction of the ancient commerce but also the idea of renewal of a firm enriched by a long-standing tradition and, at the same time, strongly oriented towards those modern production methods and vision which impose to open our activity to the 21st century.



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